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How to recycle your light bulbs

Are you a busy business, contractor, relamper, building manager, hospital, or school with a lot of used or burnt-out bulbs and tubes piling up? Whether you have a few boxes of bulbs or pallets of them, you can recycle commercial volumes of lights in British Columbia, Manitoba, Québec, and PEI at no charge!

If you have under a pallet* of bulbs, use our Recycling Locator to find a commercial volume lights drop-off location near you. Remember to check what products are accepted in your province before you stop by!

If you have more than a pallet of bulbs to recycle, your company may qualify for FREE pickup. To see if you qualify for pick up, contact us via email or phone.

Not sure why you should recycle your bulbs? Read on for our top 3 reasons that your company should recycle its commercial volumes of lights.

*Note: A pallet can hold about 750 4ft fluorescent tubes, 500 8ft fluorescent tubes, or 1200 CFL bulbs.

Why recycle light bulbs?

1. It’s a quick way to free up storage space

Whether you drop your lights off at a recycling location or request a pickup for your qualifying volume, recycling your commercial volume of lights will free up valuable space in your storage area.

This is even more important if you’ve been stockpiling  burnt out bulbs and/or tubes for a long time. We offer single pickups OR can schedule regular light bulb/tube recycling pickups at any frequency that works for you. Example frequencies include every month, 3 months, or 6 months.

2. It shows your customers that you care about the environment, which promotes customer loyalty

Because most fluorescent light bulbs contain small amounts of mercury—about 3.5 milligrams— they can be hazardous to human health when broken or crushed in uncontrolled environments, and also pose a threat to our ground soil and local fish life. Phosphor in some bulb types can also be toxic, and should always be securely stored for the same reason. What’s more, other raw materials found in light bulbs, like glass and metal, can be recycled and used again – which requires much less energy than producing them from scratch.

With clients placing increased priority on their sustainability practices, it’s important to demonstrate corporate social responsibility in your industry. Providing your clients with a no-cost lights recycling solution is a great way to do that, while diversifying your environmental commitments. Providing this service will reduce your clients’ waste disposal costs, too!


3. Drop off and pick up for lights is FREE

There is no charge for lights drop off or pick up, collection boxes. There’s also no fee to become a direct pickup client with Product Care Recycling. Need we say more?

Contact us to recycle!

To find a drop-off location for under a pallet of bulbs, use our Recycling Locator to find a commercial volumes site near you. If you have more than a pallet of bulbs, contact us to see if you qualify for our free pick up service for commercial volumes of lights:


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