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For over three decades, Product Care Recycling has been a leader in recycling and responsible waste management. We’ve diverted waste from landfills and waterways and given many of these products a new life. For example, we’ve recovered over 120 million litres of paint. To put that into perspective, that’s enough paint to cover every interior wall of over 60,000 average-sized homes, giving them a fresh coat and a new beginning. That’s a tidal wave of positive impact on the planet! Read more to see the whole picture of our efforts over the years, including our stats for light bulbs and alarm recovery.

Our numbers speak volumes

Our effort in waste management has led to significant environmental milestones. Starting with a single paint program in British Columbia in 1994, we’ve expanded to over 22 programs across Canada. We’re proud to support both the industry and consumers who commit to protecting the environment. Here’s a snapshot of our numbers in the last 30 years:

  1. Paint: We’ve recovered a whopping 120 million litres to prevent them from ending up in waterways and landfills.
  2. Lights: Our light programs have diverted over 75 million light bulbs and tubes. This amount is enough to create a trail of bulbs that could light up the path from Vancouver to Halifax and back.
  3. Alarms: Over 1 million smoke and CO alarms have been processed, which ensures responsible management of potentially toxic chemicals.

Every bit you recycle with us helps our responsible waste management efforts for the environment. Take a look at our recent year-over-year efforts.

Our commitment to the environment is evidenced by the consistent recovery of over 10 million litres of paint annually. We’re thrilled to have a remarkable 20% increase in light bulb recycling from 2021 to 2023.

Why responsible recycling and waste management matters

Every time you recycle with us, you’re doing more than just tidying up your space—you’re making a real difference to your local environment. Recycling paint? You’re not just saving raw materials but also helping to cut down greenhouse gas emissions.

Recycling light bulbs also means using less energy because the recovery and reuse of raw materials are more energy-efficient than extracting virgin materials. Plus, some light bulbs contain mercury and ensuring proper disposal at a designated recycling location ensures the mercury is safely managed and doesn’t end up in our waterways, where it can cause harm to our health.

Overall, each disposable paint can, light, alarm, and other post-consumer products you bring to us can spark a chain reaction of environmental benefits that ripple through our communities.

If you have any of these products to dispose of, visit this link to find a recycling location near you!


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