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Most people know that pop cans and paper can be recycled, but did you know that programs exist for recycling unusual products like wood finishing oil and smoke alarms?

In this post, we’re sharing seven items that may not be on your radar when you drop off your recycling.

If you have any of the following products kicking around your home, use our handy Recycling Locator to find a free drop-off location for recycling these unusual products and more.

1. Electric candles

A safe and convenient way to brighten your home. They look like real candles, can include timer settings, don’t require a lighter… and, perhaps our favourite feature: they’re recyclable in British Columbia.

2. Camping fuel

Now that your summer adventures have come to an end, you may not want to store those last few tablespoons of camping fuel in your home until next year. We don’t blame you! If you’re not planning on trekking through the wilderness this winter, drop off your camping fuel for safe disposal.  We accept liquid camping fuel at locations across British Columbia and Manitoba. In Manitoba only, we also accept non-refillable camping fuel cylinders.

Camping in the Canadian mountains. Drop off leftover liquid camping fuel, a recyclable product in BC and Manitoba

3. Bike lights

Did you know that in many Canadian cities, having lights on your bike after dark is required by law? Thankfully, you can stay out of trouble and be a green biker when you drop off your broken or burnt out bike lights for recycling in British Columbia.

4. Wood finishing oil

Typically containing a blend of linseed or tung oil and paint thinner, this oil penetrates the pores of wood surfaces and creates a film to protect and enhance your furniture. Finish your pine coffee table in peace knowing that you can recycle any excess oil afterwards! Wood finishing oils are accepted in all provinces that accept paint products.

5. Fondue fuel

What better way to celebrate the holidays than with a fondue party? From brie, to Swiss, to Gruyere… there are so many options to make your winter break cheesier and more delicious. And after you’ve eaten to your heart’s content, you can safely drop off leftover fondue fuel at several locations in British Columbia and Manitoba.

Dipping potatoes into cheese fondue. Fondue fuel is an unusual recyclable product

6. Acetone

Fun fact! The body actually produces small amounts of acetone when it breaks down fat. However, acetone also has many practical applications, such as washing away oil contaminants. Because acetone is extremely flammable, it’s important to handle leftovers properly, making sure it doesn’t contaminate our environment. Acetone and other flammable liquids are accepted at our recycling locations across British Columbia, Manitoba, and Ontario.

7. Smoke/carbon monoxide (CO) alarms

Did you know, sources say your smoke and CO alarms should be replaced approximately every decade? Even though your alarm’s test button may work past the 10-year mark, they become less sensitive over time. This means they may not be detecting smoke when they need to be! You can take your broken or expired alarms to nearly 50 locations across British Columbia.

Pile of smoke alarms dropped off for recycling. Recycle unusual products like smoke alarms with our program

Do you have any of these products to recycle? Use our website to see what’s accepted in your province.

Happy recycling!

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