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Oh, Ontario: home to the Leafs, rolling hills, the world’s third largest tower, and…paint recycling?!
Yes, indeed! And Product Care Recycling sure does a lot of it. In 2017 alone, Ontario’s Return to Retail paint recycling program collected more than 1300 tonnes of leftover paint. This is equivalent to nearly 211,000 full cans of paint, which could paint 35,000 homes inside and out! Recycling paint is especially important when you’re in the midst of your spring cleaning. Get rid of your unwanted paint and come home to a tidy garage every day!

Return to Retail sites

Our Ontario paint recycling program has grown massively since the program’s inception in 2015, and we’re excited about it! With the addition of 98 sites in 2017, there are now over 300 retail collection sites throughout the province collecting left over or unwanted paint from residents like you.

This convenient and free collection service is made possible by the commitment and environmental stewardship of retailers. This includes RonaLowe’sHome HardwareDulux, and independent paint stores. With locations ranging from one end of Ontario to the other—from Windsor and Hawkesbury to Timmins and Thunder Bay paint recycling has never been easier. To find a participating retailer near you, check out our collection site locator.
ontario paint recycling
Accepted Products
Wondering if the products in your garage are recyclable with our program? There is a huge range of products that retailers will collect for recycling, including:

  • Paints and coatings in their containers (equal to or less than 25 litres)
  • All stains and coatings
  • Interior & exterior: latex, acrylic, water-based, alkyd, enamel, oil based paints
  • Deck coatings, floor paints, varnishes, urethanes, concrete/masonry paints
  • Drywall paints, paints for stucco, primers & undercoats (metal, wood)
  • Wood finishing oils and wood preservatives
  • Roof, foundation and driveway coatings
  • Automotive, craft, and industrial paint aerosols

Check out our complete list of accepted products before you visit your local collection sites. Happy paint recycling, Ontarians!


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