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Spring is here, which mean it’s that time of year when people are diving into home renovations and doing their spring cleaning. What does that mean for us? We’re recycling a lot of old, unwanted lighting fixtures and burnt out bulbs. What does it mean for you? You’re probably researching what trendy new lighting product to put in your home. And we’re here to help!

Though often an underplayed part of interior design, lighting fixtures can elevate your home’s aura from so-so to spectacular. The difficulty with lighting fixtures is simply choosing from the hundreds of styles available!

Don’t worry—we’re here to help you narrow down the selection on today’s market. Here are 4 lighting trends we think you should know about as you journey through this year’s home reno season, and a few tips to keep things environmentally friendly along the way.

Lighting Fixture Trends 2018

1. Sputnik fixtures

lighting fixture trendsNamed after Earth’s first artificial satellite, sputnik fixtures can range from dainty—with many small, intricate lights—to more prominent and robust pieces. They’re perfect for any part of the home, be it your home’s entryway, your dining room, or even your bedroom. If you want to knock this style out of the park, paint your backdrop wall a black, grey, or dark blue to mimic space and the stars.

Did you know you can pick up free cans of previously used paint for small jobs like this? Find PaintShare pick-up locations around you using our collection site locator.

2. Warm metal fixtures

lighting fixture trendsFrom pendant ceiling lamps in your kitchen, to floor lamps for book reading during cozy summer nights in your bedroom, muted copper, gold, and brass fixtures are in and silver pieces are out! These fixtures are incredibly eye-catching in homes that feature cream, beige, white, and grey colour palettes.

3. Industrial and concrete fixtures

lighting fixture trendsWhat do the Colosseum, Pantheon and the Pentagon have in common? You guessed it – concrete! Concrete has been an important and iconic component of many architectural masterpieces we know and love today. The industrial chic movement has taken the black pipe and brick aesthetic previously reserved for warehouses and brought it to our homes—and our lighting fixtures!

Whether you’re aspiring to create a warm cottage feel or recreate the minimalist Nordic look, concrete fixtures can have a place in all home. Utilitarian designs are simple, clean, and neutral, making them an easy addition to homes that already contain several eye-catching pieces. They also work wonderfully as lamp fixtures for side tables and in bedrooms. Check out this Instructables tutorial on how to make your own concrete lamp if you’re feeling adventurous.

4. Go green!

lighting fixture trendsWe mean this in more ways than one. Flower arrangement chandeliers aren’t just for use in weddings and parties anymore. They’re a wonderful way to add texture and colour to your living spaces and mesh easily with the existing style of your home.

Flower chandeliers can be bohemian (think variegated English ivy and multicoloured dahlias), feminine and dainty (roses, hydrangeas, and baby’s breath), rustic (Sedum succulents and hen + chicks), or all of the above. For more permanent fixtures (or those of you with black thumbs), check out your local craft, thrift, and garden stores for artificial flowers or dried herbs to weave around your fixtures. Just make sure your fixture isn’t a fire hazard – check the heat of your lamps and material of your decorations!

Flowers and vines aren’t the only way you can go green—being eco-friendly is in, too! From buying your fixtures from local businesses to using solar-powered garden lights and LED bulbs in your home, there are tons of ways you can stay on-trend and be kind to the planet at the same time.

Remember: If you have any light bulbs and tubes (BC, Manitoba, Quebec, PEI) or lighting fixtures (BC) left over from your renovations this season, be sure to recycle them! Find out where to take your lighting products using our collection site finder. You can also learn more about lighting product recycling on our website.

Feeling inspired? Share your lighting fixture projects with us on our Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram—we’d love to see them. Happy renovating!


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