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We’re back with three eco-friendly gifts for the foodie in your life!

When it comes to gifts, it’s the thought that counts – and what could be more thoughtful than making that special person in your life a home made eco-friendly gift?

1. Gourmet chai tea mix

Tea is perfect for all occasions, from an afternoon perk-up at the office to a cozy Friday night at home. So, why not give your loved ones the gift of hygge this holiday season with a homemade chai tea kit? For tea blend ingredients, check out bulk stores, such as Bulk Barn, and local tea stores. If you want to include a tea strainer with your kit, check out thrift stores in your area for second-hand options.

Buzzfeed has the art of chai-making mastered and there’s even a downloadable PDF you can include with instructions. If you want to get creative, other tea varieties could include lavender and mint green tea or rose and chamomile white tea. If you’re feeling extra nifty, you can use cheesecloth to tie your tea up into compostable tea bags.

Gourmet DIY tea mix in a jar as an eco friendly gift

2. Lentil curry blend

Measured and ready-to-boil! We think this lentil curry soup recipe is the perfect gift. We really like this idea for three reasons: 1. pre-made soup will save your loved ones precious cooking time, 2. the recipe suits gluten-free, nut-free, and vegan lifestyles, and 3. this recipe is healthy and nutritious. Just add tomato, onion, and any other desired vegetables and simmer. Yum!

Close-up of red lentils as an eco friendly gift idea

3. Delicious jam

Feel like jammin’ this Christmas? We don’t blame you. Canning is fun (do it with a friend!) and very productive — you can make enough jam to feed a small army in one session. If you’re in need of canning jars, check out your local thrift store or use old jam or pasta sauce jars if you already have them.

We recommend you try out this two-tone peach and blackberry jam recipe, this pina colada jam recipe, or this no-cook strawberry jam. Homemade yogurt is extremely easy to make and pairs wonderfully with jam if you’d like to give sets away.

Strawberry jam slathered on toast. Homemade jam is an easy eco friendly gift idea

Need a gift for the non-foodie in your life? Check out our other ideas for eco-friendly, DIY gifts! Happy crafting!

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