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As we spend more time indoors this winter, it’s important to decorate our living spaces to help us feel more creative and comfortable. The colours we surround ourselves with influence our mood and can help keep us feeling inspired throughout the day.

Have you ever felt more creative in a purple room or felt energetic and lively in a red room? This is due to the brain releasing different hormones when colour transmits from the eye to the brain. Red is typically associated with making us feel more vivacious as opposed to blue which has a calming effect. So, if you’re looking for a paint colour to help you feel more relaxed, a blue tone may be the ideal choice. 

 In 2022, we see a shift towards bolder and more vibrant colours that encourage innovation and creativity. As we notice maximalism interior designs becoming a trend this year, we will see more rooms painted in saturated and bright hues. We’re also noticing earthy and pastel greens trending. 

 If you are looking to refresh your office space or living room, here are five paint colour trends to inspire you.

Royal Purple

Very Peri, Pantone's 2022 colour of the year

Photo: Emily Dobbs Interior

Royal Purple, is also the latest addition to the blue colour family. This colour is a beautiful blend of violet and red undertones and can inspire imagination and curiosity. It’s the perfect colour for those looking for a more adventurous take on interior decorating.

If you’re thinking of taking the periwinkle route, neutrals and soft hues of yellows or greens complement this bold colour and add a fresh and sophisticated look to living spaces.

Olive Green

Alt Text: Olive Spring, Dulux’s 2022 colour of the year

Photo: Dulux Paints

This beautiful and versatile shade of green instantly brightens up any space and creates a peaceful and relaxing environment. Because Olive Green is a neutral paint colour, it has endless colour combinations and will fit any design palette.

Vintage Pink

Moore’s Colour Trends for 2022

Photo: Benjamin Moore

Vintage Pink has rich pink hues and red undertones. It’s a bold colour that adds character to any room. If you’re looking for something that makes you feel cozy and cheerful, Vintage Pink is for you. This shade is best paired with muted tones of green, blue or cream.

Warm Neutrals

Warm Neutrals will be one of the colour trends for 2022

Photo: Sherwin Williams

It’s no surprise that warm neutrals made the list of trending paint shades this year. Neutral whites and beiges are timeless tones that never go out of style. Painting your spaces in these tones is effortless and ensures that your decor are centrepieces in your office or home. Another advantage of painting rooms in these neutrals is that you can add a pop of colour to your decor and lots of wall art for a more eclectic feel.  

Breezy Blue

Behr’s Colour Trends 2022

Photo: Behr

Are you in search of a paint colour that makes you feel more serene and grounded? Breezy Blue is the perfect paint for that!  

 A unique blend of cool silver and green undertones, this refreshing colour instantly brightens up spaces and makes us feel more relaxed. As the name Breezy signifies, this colour nudges us to feel more inspired and meditative as it reminds us of the sea.   

This versatile colour pairs extraordinarily well with Terracotta reds, brown, creamy white or gray-brown colours. 

Got Left Over Paint? 

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