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If you’re looking to spruce up your home this summer, an accent wall could be the perfect way to do it. Traditionally, an accent wall is a coloured or patterned wall in a room that has a neutral palette. Not only are they less time-consuming to paint than a whole room, they add a striking focal point which can really bring the elements of your space together to create a theme.
When choosing where to paint your accent wall, the most common advice is to find the wall that stands out most. Where is your eye naturally drawn when you enter the room? This is typically the best choice for an accent wall.

You’ll want to get some accent wall inspiration and figure out what the conventions are for rooms like yours. In a bedroom, for example, the wall behind the bed is a popular choice, while in a hallway, the wall behind your staircase could make a strong statement.

As for what to put on your wall, here are four accent wall ideas to bring some unique flair into your space.

1. Create an artist’s canvas in your home with a chalkboard wall

Chalkboard wall
Chalkboard walls encourage creativity, give kids a space to doodle, and can be really beautiful, too. No wonder they’re an emerging trend. Nowadays, chalkboard paint is widely available, affordable, and even comes in different colours. See how easy it is to create a bold and beautiful chalkboard wall with this tutorial – you’ll also want to consider things like where to store your chalk, how to clean the wall and how to keep dust off of your floors.

We love how this chalkboard wall for kids has been placed right in the middle of the living space, showcasing their drawings as an ever-changing centrepiece. An ideal place for a chalkboard wall is the kitchen, where your grocery list or calendar can become a part of your décor. The best part is, whenever you like, you can simply wipe the wall clean and create something new!

Chalkboard walls are bold and striking, and we love the way they look. If you aren’t ready to take the leap, we’ve also pinned some creative ways to use chalkboard paint that don’t require a whole wall.

2. Stay on-trend with an ombre accent wall

Ombre is a serious trend, so it’s no surprise that it’s spread to interiors, too! If you want to add some colour but can’t decide on just one, an ombre or gradient wall is a stunning option that’s easy to create.

Ombre walls can be as bold or as muted as you like, and can massively alter the atmosphere of a room. See how this sunset-inspired guest bedroom wall creates ambience, for example. It gives the room a serene glow and looks perfect paired with tropical plants.

It’s actually pretty easy to create a DIY ombre wall in your own home. You’ll need a few different paint colours, so be sure to think about how much paint you’ll be using before you buy, and recycle any leftover paint you may have. You can even collect high-quality donated paint for free through our PaintShare program – to find a location near you, just select « PaintShare » from the drop-down menu on our recycling locator.

3. Bring the outdoors indoors with a nature-inspired mural

We love all things outdoors at Product Care Recycling, so these nature-inspired accent wall ideas bring us a lot of joy. Whether it’s an abstract view of mountains or fluffy white clouds in a blue sky, it’s easier than you’d think to paint your very own mural accent wall, even if you aren’t hugely artistic.

A child’s bedroom is the perfect place for a nature-inspired wall. This understated view of mountains that perfectly complements the room’s minimal feel.

See our Pinterest board for more inspiration and learn how to create a mountain mural with no art skills required in this simple tutorial from The Sweetest Digs.

4. Don’t be afraid of darker shades for a classic accent wall

Forest green accent wall
If you’d rather stick to a plain accent wall, don’t be afraid of darker hues. Try taking inspiration from existing objects in your room, such as this forest green wall inspired by houseplants. Black accent walls are growing in popularity, too – they look amazing with sputnik light fixtures and when paired with colourful or bright décor.

A block colour accent wall may work best when your wall is partly obstructed – for instance, by a dresser, houseplant or artwork. See our guide to picking paint colours for expert tips on how to pick a colour you won’t regret.

Do you have an accent wall in your home? Share it with us on Twitter!


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