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Here in Canada, and all over the world, Black, Indigenous and People of Colour (BIPOC) are advocating for environmental justice as activists, journalists and creators. Listening to their voices is essential to understanding the experiences and perspectives that can help us build a more sustainable and equitable world. While there are hundreds of amazing BIPOC environmentalists to follow, here are five inspiring individuals to start with today.

1. Terri Hansen

Indigenous environmentalist and journalist Terri Hansen

West-coast based journalist Terri has been covering environmental issues facing Indigenous peoples worldwide for more than 25 years. For example, she recently covered how melting Arctic permafrost is impacting Inuit communities in Canada. She is an active member of the Winnebago Tribe of Nebraska and a correspondent for YES! Magazine and Indian Country Today.

You can follow Terri on Twitter and visit her website to learn more.


2. Tyler Chanel

Black environmentalist and blogger Tyler Chanel

Tyler is an ethical blogger and model who runs Thrifts and Tangles. Thrifts and Tangles is an eco-blog that inspires the audience to shop secondhand and embrace their natural selves. It’s full of helpful resources, including a free thrift tips guide, an ethical brand directory, and more.

You can follow Tyler on Instagram, visit her blog Thrifts and Tangles or check out her YouTube channel.


3. Danika Littlechild

Indigenous lawyer Danika Littlechild

Danika is an Alberta-based lawyer from the Ermineskin Cree Nation whose practice focuses on Indigenous legal systems and environmental law. She is also Vice President of the Canadian Commission for UNESCO.

You can follow Danika on Twitter and learn more through her recent interview with the Journal of International Affairs.


4. Leah Thomas

Black environmental influencer Leah Thomas

Leah is an advocate for intersectional environmentalism through her Instagram account @greengirlleah and new website, Intersectional Environmentalist. We love how Intersectional Environmentalist highlights different communities and provides resources specific to each one. Additionally, she’s hoping to partner with businesses to encourage them to adopt inclusive practices.

You can follow Leah on Instagram @greengirlleah and read her latest article for Vogue about why all environmentalists should be anti-racist.


5. Akua Y. Opoku

Black environmentalist and low waste blogger Akua Y. Opoku

Akua is a Black low-waste influencer who founded Fullbyles (pronounced Full-by-less), a blog about all things sustainable. We love her posts about how to be eco-friendly while quarantining at home and how to support small sustainable businesses.

Let’s continue to amplify and center these voices as we work towards a more sustainable world.

If you’re a BIPOC environmentalist with content ideas, or have recommendations on who to follow, we’d love to hear from you! Connect with us via Facebook, Instagram or email.

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